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Data sources#

Raw data for NHL statistics comes from the NHL, largely from each game's play-by-play and shift reports. Here's an example play-by-play report and shift report. Raw data for Olympics stats and World Junior Championship stats is from the IIHF. Raw data for CHL stats is from the three CHL leagues.


Stats and graphs that appear on Extra Skater come from a variety of sources. Where known, the creater and/or developer of specific items are listed here.

Corsi Developed by Buffalo Sabres goaltending coach Jim Corsi as a measure of goalie workload and applied by Vic Ferrari to skaters
Fenwick Created by blogger Matt Fenwick as a modification of corsi
PDO Created by Brian King on Vic Ferrari's blog under the pseudonym PDO
Zone starts Popularized by Vic Ferrari and outlined in its early stages here
TOI-based quality of competition Created by Gabriel Desjardins at his site behindthenet.ca; version used on Extra Skater developed by Eric T and outlined here
Game fenwick charts Created by Ben Wendorf (original chart) and then hosted by Gabriel Desjardins at behindthenet.ca (example)
Game head-to-head TOI charts Developed by Vic Ferrari at his site timeonice.com (example charts)
Player usage charts Developed by Rob Vollman, who has an interactive version at his site hockeyabstract.com
Score-adjusted fenwick Developed by Gabriel Desjardins at Arctic Ice Hockey and refined by Eric T at Broad Street Hockey
Setup passes and pass/shot ratio Developed by Rob Vollman and outlined in his book Hockey Abstract (modified version is used on Extra Skater)

Extra Skater and the entire advanced hockey statistics field owe a great deal to the work of Tore Purdy, aka JLikens, whose blog Objective NHL hosts his groundbreaking analysis of the game. Tore passed away in April 2014.

Programmatically accessing game pages#

Normal game pages have URLs of the format /game/date-awayteam-hometeam, e.g. /game/2013-01-19-penguins-flyers. To make URLs more programmatically accessible, game pages are also available in the format /game/[season]/[gamenumber], where [season] is the first year of the season with 'p' appended for playoffs and [gamenumber] is the 5-digit NHL.com game number. For example /game/2012/20001 redirects to /game/2013-01-19-penguins-flyers and /game/2012p/30416 redirects to /game/2013-06-24-blackhawks-bruins.

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