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Questions? Feedback? Looking for custom data or analysis? Get in touch with creator Darryl Metcalf via email or twitter.

Data sources#

All raw data for stats presented on Extra Skater come from NHL.com's play-by-play and shift reports for each game. Here's an example play-by-play report and shift report. They're available from the sidebar of each game's boxscore page (like this one).

Stat and graph credits#

Stats and graphs that appear on Extra Skater come from a variety of sources. Where known, the creater and/or developer of specific items are listed here.

Corsi Developed by Buffalo Sabres goaltending coach Jim Corsi as a measure of goalie workload and applied by Vic Ferrari to skaters
Fenwick Created by blogger Matt Fenwick as a modification of corsi
PDO Created by Brian King on Vic Ferrari's blog under the pseudonym PDO
Zone starts Popularized by Vic Ferrari and outlined in its early stages here
TOI-based QoC Created by Gabriel Desjardins at behindthenet.ca; version used on Extra Skater developed by Eric T and outlined here
Game fenwick charts Created by Ben Wendorf (original chart) and then hosted by Gabriel Desjardins at behindthenet.ca (example)
Game head-to-head TOI charts Developed by Vic Ferrari at his site timeonice.com (example charts)
Player usage charts Developed by Rob Vollman, who has an interactive version at his site hockeyabstract.com
Score-adjusted fenwick Developed by Gabriel Desjardins at Arctic Ice Hockey and refined by Eric T at Broad Street Hockey

Programmatically accessing game pages#

Normal game pages have URLs of the format game/date-awayteam-hometeam, e.g. game/2013-01-19-penguins-flyers. To make URLs more programmatically accessible, game pages are also available in the format game/season/gamenumber, where season is the first year of the season with 'p' appended for playoffs and gamenumber is the 5-digit game number from NHL.com. For example game/2012/20001 redirects to game/2013-01-19-penguins-flyers and game/2012p/30416 redirects to game/2013-06-24-blackhawks-bruins.

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